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Women using hot tub cover lift

Hot Tub Cover Lift: The Comprehensive Buyers Guide

The allure of a hot tub is undeniable. It’s a retreat in your backyard, an enclave of relaxation. But with relaxation should come ease, which is often compromised by the cumbersome task of removing a heavy hot tub cover. That’s where hot tub cover lifters come into the picture. Acting as your personal assistant, they simplify the process of lifting and securing the cover, allowing for spontaneous and effortless access to your personal spa experience. Lets discover the value of a cover lifter and the different options available.


The Value of a Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Is a Spa Cover Lifter Worth It?

Absolutely. A spa cover lifter is more than just an accessory; it’s a necessity for any hot tub owner who values convenience and safety. By significantly reducing the effort needed to remove and replace the cover, it’s an investment in the longevity of the cover itself, preventing wear and tear. Furthermore, for those with physical limitations, a cover lifter isn’t just a luxury—it’s essential.

Do You Need a Lifter for Hot Tub Cover?

While not mandatory, a hot tub cover lifter is highly recommended. It not only facilitates a swift dip into your hot tub without the pre-soak strain but because of the design of the lift it can also serve as a barrier to wind, ensuring your cover stays put, thus answering another pertinent question: How do I stop my hot tub cover from blowing away? With a secure lift system and using the cover straps the cover is more likely to stay grounded during inclement weather.


Types of Hot Tub Cover Lifters:

manual spa cover lift from leisure concepts

Manual Cover Lifters

Manual spa cover lifters from Leisure Concepts come in various designs to meet different needs. The simplest, CoverCatch, offers an elegant way to easily slide the spa cover off the hot tub into a hooked cover storage. Next is the CoverMate I, featuring minimal clearance requirements and a sturdy, powder-coated aluminum framework. This model greatly reduces the effort needed to open the cover and also serves as a privacy screen as it is elevated above the side of the tub when open. The CoverMate II builds upon this, allowing for effortless cover removal and storage beside the tub without obstructing views. All these manual cover lifts have no moving parts or batteries and significantly ease the task of removing a hot tub cover.

Hydraulic Spa cover Lifter

Hydraulic Cover Lifters

Hydraulic cover lifters blend the convenience of manual lifters with advanced hydraulics to ease the process of opening spa covers. Ideal for larger spas but suitable for any size, these lifters ensure minimal physical effort is needed. Products like the CoverMate III and Vanish XL exemplify this technology with their robust construction and efficient design. They cater to a range of spa sizes and preferences, underscoring their versatility and user-friendliness.

Covana Automated Hot Tub cover Lift

Automatic and Electric Lifters

Electric or automatic hot tub cover lifters are an excellent choice for ease and convenience. They offer a one-touch operation, effortlessly removing and storing the spa cover. These lifters can hold the cover above the tub, similar to a pergola, which not only saves space but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your spa area. Their automated mechanism is particularly beneficial for those who find manual lifting challenging, making the hot tub experience more accessible and enjoyable. This technology represents a significant advancement in hot tub accessories, combining practicality with luxury.


Brand Spotlight: Covana and Covermate


Covana Automated Spa Covers offer a unique combination of luxury and convenience for hot tub owners. These covers, serving as both a protective hot tub cover and an automated gazebo, stand out for their state-of-the-art features. They operate with a simple turn of a key, transforming your spa within 20 seconds into an easily accessible relaxation spot, with minimal effort required.

One of the standout models, the Covana OASIS, is renowned for its dual functionality. When closed, it provides a water-tight seal that reduces heating costs due to its superior insulation, while also preventing unwanted access, enhancing the safety and longevity of your spa. Opened, it transforms into a modern and elegant gazebo, protecting you from harsh weather and UV radiation, and offering a private, intimate space. The added LED lighting system creates a relaxing ambiance with a selection of colors to enhance your spa experience.

In addition to the OASIS, Covana offers other models like the Evolution, designed to fit a wider range of hot tub sizes including larger and round tubs, and the Legend, an automated solution for swim spas. These covers combine security, elegance, and ease of use in a single package, making them a worthy investment for spa owners seeking both functionality and style.

Choosing a Covana cover means opting for a hassle-free, elegant solution that not only enhances your spa experience but also contributes to its safety and efficiency.

Leisure Concepts

Leisure Concepts is renowned for its wide array of hot tub cover lifters, which are touted as some of the top-selling in the world. Their products are not only stylish but are also designed for ease of installation, and simplicity. The range includes various models like the CoverCatch, CoverMate series (I, II, III, including Eco versions), CoverMate Freestyle, CoverMate Vanish XL, CoverMate Zero, and CoverShelf. Each of these models caters to different needs and spa sizes.

What makes Leisure Concepts’ cover lifters stand out is their commitment to superior quality and durability. Their products are 100% made in the USA, ensuring high manufacturing standards. The variety in their product line ensures that there is a suitable option for different spa types and customer preferences. This diversity in choice, combined with the assurance of quality, makes Leisure Concepts a go-to option for those seeking reliable and stylish hot tub cover lifters.


Common Cover Lifter Questions:

How Do You Use a Spa Cover Lifter?

Using a spa cover lifter typically involves a simple process: unlock any security features, gently fold half of the cover over the lifter’s arm, and then pull the frame. This hinges the whole cover off of the spa. This easy-to-follow routine ensures that accessing your hot tub is a matter of minutes, not muscle.

Can a Cover Lifter Be Installed on Any Side of a Hot Tub?

Most lifters are versatile, designed to fit multiple sides of a hot tub. However, it’s crucial to verify compatibility and clearance requirements before installation to ensure proper operation, as some hot tub designs may limit where you can install a cover lifter. Also, note that you should not install the lifter in a way that, when opened, blocks any control panels or access.


Troubleshooting Common Hot Tub Cover Issues:

Why Is My Hot Tub Cover Sagging?

Over time, covers may absorb moisture and become waterlogged, causing them to sag. This is also a reason why hot tub covers get so heavy. Proper maintenance, including regular checks for rips or tears, can mitigate this. You can also use products designed to repel water, such as 303 protectant, which helps slow down the aging and absorption of water in your cover.

What Happens If You Don’t Cover a Hot Tub?

Leaving a hot tub uncovered can lead to significant heat loss, increased energy bills, and debris accumulation. Once debris gets into the hot tub, they can start to clog the filter or jet piping, which may lead to breaks and leaks.

What Happens If a Hot Tub Cover Is Too Big?

A cover that is too large can be inefficient, leading to heat loss and inadequate protection. Ensuring a proper fit is crucial for optimal hot tub cover performance. If a cover is too large, it won’t seal around the tub correctly, allowing heat to escape.

man wiping dirty hot tub cover

Maintenance and Longevity of Hot Tub Covers:

How Much Weight Can a Hot Tub Cover Hold?

Hot tub covers are primarily designed to protect the spa and maintain its temperature, not to bear heavy loads. Regular spa covers are generally not built to support more than a few pounds. They cannot withstand the weight of an adult, large pets, or significant snow accumulation. While there are specially designed ‘walk-on’ spa covers that can support up to 1,000 lbs or more, these are not the norm. These walk-on covers are reinforced to be much stronger and are built to withstand the weight of one or more adults. However, even with these covers, it’s recommended to avoid standing on them frequently to maintain their condition.

For the typical hot tub cover, it’s important to consider the foam core’s density and depth, as these aspects impact the cover’s ability to handle load, such as snow. Most standard hot tub covers are made with foam cores that are not built to bear significant weight. Regular maintenance and avoiding placing heavy objects on the cover can help in prolonging its life.

In summary, while there are robust walk-on covers available, most standard hot tub covers are not designed for heavy weight support. It’s essential to consider the specific design and construction of your hot tub cover to understand its load-bearing capacity.

Do Hot Tub Covers Go Bad?

Like any product, can deteriorate over time. The life expectancy of a hot tub cover depends on several factors, including the quality of materials used, the level of care and maintenance it receives, and the environmental conditions it is exposed to. Common signs that a hot tub cover is going bad include sagging, waterlogging, cracking, and fading.

Regular maintenance such as cleaning and conditioning the cover, removing snow and debris, and avoiding placing heavy objects on it can extend its lifespan. However, once a cover starts showing significant signs of wear or becomes waterlogged, it’s usually more cost-effective to replace it. A deteriorated cover not only becomes inefficient in maintaining the spa’s temperature but can also pose a safety hazard if it becomes too heavy or fails to provide a secure fit.

Why Do Hot Tub Covers Get Waterlogged?

A waterlogged cover, one of the most common issues, can occur when the vapor barrier that protects the foam core breaks down, allowing moisture to seep in. This not only makes the cover heavy and difficult to lift but also reduces its insulative properties, leading to higher heating costs. Sun exposure can cause the vinyl exterior to crack and fade, while cold temperatures can make it brittle.

As we wrap up our comprehensive guide to hot tub cover lifters, we hope you’ve gained valuable insights and are well-equipped to make an informed decision that suits your needs. Remember, the right cover lifter not only enhances your hot tub experience but also extends the life of your cover, making it a wise investment.

At Custom Fireplace BBQ & Spa, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect hot tub accessories. Our experts are on hand to guide you through our extensive selection of hot tub cover lifters, ensuring you choose the right one for your spa. We invite you to call us or visit our showroom to browse our products. Whether you’re new to the world of hot tubs or a seasoned enthusiast, we’re here to provide you with the information and options you need for a blissful hot tub experience. Let Custom Fireplace BBQ & Spa be your go-to destination for all things hot tub!