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Swim Life 19 Foot Swim Fit – Dual Stream Swim Spa


The Swimlife 19 Foot Swim Expert Dual Stream swim spa and hot tub combo is the epitome of aquatic luxury and wellness. Dive into the perfect blend of a lap pool and a swim spa, offering a versatile oasis for year-round use. Crafted with precision and designed for the swimming enthusiast, this swim spa seamlessly combines low-impact exercise with the rejuvenating benefits of hydrotherapy. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a revitalizing hydrotherapy session or engage in a comprehensive fitness routine, this 19-foot Dual Zone Swim Spa is your all-in-one solution. The Swim Life experience is elevated with innovative features such as the Wave Ride 2.0 current control, providing a customizable water current to suit your swimming preferences. Glide effortlessly against the gentle waves, simulating the feel of an open water swim right in the comfort of your own space. Designed for versatility, this Swim Spa accommodates the use of Form goggles, enhancing your swimming experience with form goggles, see time, pace and distance all inside your swimming googles.

Discover the joy of year-round use, as swim spa’s are engineered for all seasons, allowing you to embrace the benefits of aquatic therapy and exercise no matter the weather. Embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle with the 19-foot Dual Zone Swim Spa, where every dip becomes a journey to wellness.

  • Galaxy Lighting
  • Safety Hard cover
  • Auxiliary Heating By-Pass Loop
  • Aqua Rowing Kit
  • 48 Inch Stainless Exercise Bar
  • EZ – ultra Pure Ozone System

Additional information

Dimensions 226 × 93 × 53 in

Swim Life



Exterior Colors Available

Driftwood, Midnight

Interior Colors Available

Alpine Mist, Silver Marble, Pure White

Number of Seats


Number of Jets


Number of Pumps


Weight Empty

2,660 Pounds

Weight Full

22,760 Pounds


2,400 Gallons



Product Manual

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