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Swim Spas

Premium Swim sPA Solutions

Custom Fireplace BBQ & Spa carries three top tier manufacturers of Swim Spas; Swim Life, Marquis, and Vita Spa. We have swim spas ranging in size from 12’ for the recreational user all the way up to 19’ for the tri-athlete. Click on the brand image below to learn more about the options and benefits of a swim spa which can double as a above ground pool from both manufacturers. Then come into our showroom and experience the lap pools in person and even schedule a private wet test to try before you buy.

Vita Spa Swim Spa

For over 30 years, Vita Spa has been synonymous with quality, comfort, and innovation. Vita Spa has a large line up of swim spas available from 12-18 feet. Swim spas are a great way to get low impact exercise and with the warm water it allows for true year round use. Vitaspa’s STR line provides a smoother more even flow of water that can be adjusted to your skill level.

Marquis Spa Logo

Marquis Corp Swim Spas were brought to market in 2014 and have since earned a loyal following among competitive athletes and recreational swimmers alike. Marquis’s tubs use patented Whitewater-4 jets to provide up to 39% more flow than comparably sized jets available on other brands.

SwimLife Landing

An overwhelming majority of families start out looking for a pool to answer their aquatic needs and after a long search,
sticker shock and realizing the time it takes to have one installed. They find SwimLife™ swim spas the ultimate answer to satisfy all their needs and answer the demand for more for their money.

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